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Fortune Cookie

Baby Aboard

Title: Baby Aboard
Author: elenies_mind
Beta: nuraya [Thank you so much for SAVING me!]
Artist: elenies_mind
Fandom: Star Trek TNG [Slightly AU]
Pairing/Characters: Wesley/Riker, Enterprise’s Crew
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1.135, according to Word.
Warnings: Implied underage sex, Mpreg.
Summary:Wesley and Riker are hiding a precious little secret, while dealing with everyday problems along the way.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.
Author’s notes: This my way to thank disturbinglynic for everything she has done for me so far. ^_____________^
Also, I’m not a fan of the show and i know almost nothing about it; I’m Italian and this is the first time I write a fic in English, so please forgive me for all the mistakes, I tried to do my best!
And last but not least; Dr. Beverly Crusher isn’t Wesley’s mother in this fic and Wesley is “barely” showing in the banner on purpose.

It had been a really tiring day for Wesley so far; it had actually been a very exhausting and frantic day for every member of the crew. They had dealt with a massive attack from the Bynars who wanted to steal their main computer. They had been able to escape, but the Enterprise was partially damaged, and a few members of the crew were injured, including the Captain who was currently being treated in the infirmary, so the first officer Commander William Riker had taken his place.
They were still securing the ship when Riker approached Wesley and put a hand on his left shoulder. The boy, of course, didn’t miss the gentleness of the touch.

“You did a good job today, Ensign Crusher, but you can go now.”

Wesley glared at him with a disappointed look, he really didn’t want to be treated differently just because he was young, or because he was the first officer’s lover…the first officer’s pregnant lover. He was about to argue, but Riker tightened the grip on his shoulder. The severe expression on his face masked his concern. “Ensign Wesley Crusher, that’s an order!” he added firmly.
Wesley got up quickly and forced a smile, while Riker kept staring at him harshly [*]. “Yes sir,” was the only answer Wesley was allowed to give, since they weren’t alone. But he felt humiliated, so he turned on his heels and rushed towards his cabin, not daring to look back in case someone was staring at him.

Once he had reached his cabin and the door finally hissed shut behind him, he flopped down on his bed. He curled on his left side facing the wall and wondered, not for the first time, if Will would ever stop treating him like a child, especially in front of others.

Lately, it looked like Riker thought he wasn’t able to handle anything by himself, which was not fair since he was so much smarter and wiser than his age. Actually, he didn’t know if Will was behaving like this because he was still young, or because they were together now. Probably both.


A couple of hours later the cabin door opened, and Will walked in, holding a sandwich and a glass of orange juice. “You skipped dinner,” was the first thing that came to his mind.

“Are you spying me, now?” Wesley snapped back, annoyed, still looking at the wall.

Will sighed, put the sandwich and the juice on the small bedside table and sat on the bed next to his lover. “That’s not true and you know it, I was just worried…” A pause. “Could you please at least look me in the eyes while I’m talking to you?”
“Fine,” Wesley replied grumpily, then turned to face Riker.

When Will was finally able to look in those beautiful hazel eyes, he went on. “Earlier I was just doing my job, and you looked too tired to go on, I had to ask you to leave. Besides, I was concerned…all this stress, it’s not good for the baby.”

Wesley expression softened hearing his lover voice his worries. “We’re fine, I promise.” He smiled shyly. “It’s just….it’s hard to be treated like nothing more than annoying kid, and by you of all people!”

Will stiffened hearing these words, but recomposed quickly, “Like I said, I was just doing what I thought was the right thing to do; besides, I’m your superior!”

“Fine,” Wesley conceded. “You’re allowed to boss me around when we’re on the Bridge, but we’re equals in our relationship, deal?”
“Granted,” Will conceded, smiling.

Wesley silently invited Will to join him, so he laid on the bed spooning his lover and placed one of his big palms over the very tiny swell of their baby.
The boy tensed for a moment at the touch. “I’m starting to show. And these tight uniforms are not helping the matter at all!” he said in an exasperated tone.
“I know,” Riker quickly replied, still softly rubbing his partner’s stomach. “But for the moment it just looks like you are getting out of shape.”
Wesley snorted, then added, “We can't hide this forever…”

It was true, this particular matter had plagued Riker’s thoughts since when they found out, and now it looked like it was the perfect moment to bring a certain subject up. “Speaking of, there’s something we need to discuss.” He paused for a second to find the best words to say it. “It’s too dangerous here, and not just because of our relationship... this ship isn’t a safe place for a pregnant person, let alone to raise a baby, and what happened today kind of proves it.” Another short pause. “I think you should leave, come back home, or go somewhere safe.”
Wesley locked eyes with him, and for the first time since when they got together, he looked like the scared 16-year-old he actually was. “I don’t want to leave you, I…I need you now more than ever.”

Will’s heart broke a little hearing his lover’s statement, but Wesley had a point; he needed him, they shouldn’t be separated at a moment like this. That’s why he had to find a way to make things work, to find a solution.
“We’ll find a way, I promise,” he said truthfully in the end, and he meant it!

There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes, then Wesley tried to lighten the mood with, “You know what? We should put a ‘Baby Aboard’ sign on the Enterprise’s bow, so maybe people might soften up a little and stop attacking us.”

Riker just held him tighter and smiled, amused.

The end.

[*] This is the exact moment represented in the banner.


Comment for Nic:

1. As you can see, i wasn't lying when a few months ago i told you i was a crappy artist. But i really wanted to do everything by myself, even if nuraya really saved me from MANY mistakes.

2. You know this is my very first fic in English, so please forgive me if it's not that great.

3. I'm sorry if it looks like Wesley and Riker are out of character, but as you know, i'm not a fan of the show.

4. l want you to know i stalked a few of your lj friends and memebers of wesleyriker's community to find a beta...
So if they're going to complain, blame me!!!


You are amazing.
I got onto yahoo to check my mail and sat that I had a message from you. I wasn't logged into LJ when I pulled up your journal so there was nothing obvious. Then as I was scrolling I saw the Wesley/Riker tag and mpreg. I was confused (because I couldn't see the post yet). I thought maybe you had posted a link to one of my fics and I have never noticed. But then I wondered why you would do that since you're not a fan of the show.
So I clicked on the link. You would not believe the expression on my face when I saw that you had written me fic.
I have no words. There may have almost been happy tears...
And the story was so adorable. And the idea of putting a sign on the Enterprise is hilarious. I think you did an excellent job for only knowing what I've written :)
I really don't know what to say, to explain how excited/happy/ecstatic I was when I saw this.
So I say it again. You're amazing. ♥
I'm happy to read i was able to surprise you, i guessed you weren't expecting a fic, even if i mentioned i was working on a gift for you :)

I'm also glad to read i didn't screw up the characters too much!!! But my beta helped me to figure some thing out.

And the idea of putting a sign on the Enterprise was the main reason why i started to write the fic, actually the final part was the first i wrote! :P

I'm very happy you liked this.

*Kisses and Hugs*

Edited at 2012-02-22 10:34 pm (UTC)
I may have guessed that you were writing me Wesley/Riker :)
I may have also forgotten about it...
Even if I hadn't, it still would have been the best surprised ever!!

You're the best ♥

*hugs and kisses*

Well, you're too smart...i guess next time i won't tell you i'm working on a gift for you at all, since you figured out i was writing a fic :P

And i'm not the best, just your friend!

*Kisses and Hugs*

It was just a guess. And I forgot all about it anyway so it was a huge surprise.
And you're still the best!

I'm just happy i was able to surprise you anyway!!!

Thanks *blushes*

I wish I could have recorded my facial expression for you... :)

Yeah, it would have been cool to see it!

You should have seen my little happy dance when, a year ago, you told me you wanted to work on my prompt for the first time. I even screamed in victory *blushes deeply*

I was at work so though I would have loved to have been verbal about it... it was all silent squeeing :)

Yep, i guess it wasn't appropriate to squee at work :P

Wow... I must say this story is cute. *hugs you*

I am not familiar with the fandom but i like the Idea of 'baby aboard' sign on the Enterprise

i watched this show when i was a kid and love it. it was waaaaay before i know there is a fandom for something like this. I remember the first commander Riker. He was my fav character on the show. I thought he was dating that woman with long curly hair (i don't remember her name) so , i kinda shipping them. Sorry if i don't remember Wesley. But this is good and so cute. You've done a great job!

Thank you so much *___*

I'm not familiar with the fandom too, just like you a saw a few episodes when i was a kid (something tells we are peers), and i wrote this fic just to make a friend happy :)

I thought it was a funny idea to put a 'baby aboard' sign on the Enterprise, i'm glad you liked it!

*Kisses and Hugs*
'twas a pleasure to help. ^^


Once again, thank you!