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Fortune Cookie

Post very important: a member of our family fight for his life

Repost from: http://all-spn.livejournal.com/1709642.html

A close friend lot Mica member of our famdom who write of sweet fics have been attacked at USA. It fight for his live in this moment in a hospital it's very serious the doctors arent optimist. Mica have been attacked cause it is gay.One time of more it must live this terrible event for his life.

I will like to ask you all here to make a pray for mica that it feel our love and that it return us. Its a such sweet adorable person who think always at others who lived the same thing, make lot of charity for that the young gays dont fall in the streets. It dont deserve to die so young. Im so angry with the persons who hurted mica. I hope that the cops stop them.I will like so much that Mica be safe with his boyfriend .In 2012 all that Should not arrive we have right at the difference to love who we want.

I ask you to repost on your lj fb twitter that mica receive lot of love thoughts, give the word at your flist,your friends. I give you his lj with the post it's his boyfriend who made the post today. Let messages,comments his boyfriend will give them at michael. If you want to send cards send me them i send them at Mica.Fight for Mica please.

Michael was attacked earlier today. He has survived several hours of surgery but the doctors aren't optimistic.