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Fortune Cookie

It's insane...

Ok, so...i'm not used to write personal related post here, because i'm a reserved person and because this was meant to be a only fanfiction related journal...at least at first, it seems.
But yesterday night [Saturday, in Italy] happened to me something, and i just had to scream in victory.

Hanging out with your friends in a pub and meeting the ex you loved with every fiber of your heart and soul, and who hurt you really bad; and see him practically eying you up and down [in the good way] the whole night, and getting up from his and his new girlfriend's table [probably ex, now] to throw a jealous fit just because one of your male friends "dared" to kiss you on the forehead and to hug you [in a total friendly way, i might add], has no price!!!

That's even more insane because we're a woman and a men now, for fuck's sake, not some hormonal teenagers, and he wasn't even the possessive kind of person when we were together. I still can't believe it, it's just crazy...but i have to admit it made me feel good, even if i'm sorry for his girfriend who, poor girl, found herself in an embarrasing position.

I'm soooooooooo not answering his calls and texts now.

Yeah, but this time it's not welcome!


yaay!!! GO FOR YOU HON!

Sometimes ppl just realize what they are missing out once they lost them. :P *cheering behind you*

PS: Oh and i tried to visit the journal of Mica but i got laughed out by LJ's goat. hahaha...... would you please send him my get well wishes? Thanks!

Thank you so much for the support *Hugs you*

And i'm afraid i got laughed out by LJ's goat too when i tried to see Mica's boyfriend's post. But luckily there are good news, Mica woke up :)

You can read it, and write your wishes here:


and here


*Kisses and Hugs*
Thanks for the link!

I've sent my wishes and got a bit teared up.

Glad he woke up. Hope he gets better soon.


I didn't want to say it 'cause i'm always an emotional mess, but i cried too; two times...when i found out Mica had been attacked and when his boyfriend said he woke up.

I really hope he's going to be fine and as soon as possible.
I feel like we live in such a awful world, sometimes.

*Hugs you*