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Fortune Cookie


So, i really didn't want to come to this, but since anyone but me gets to say something of what i think about Jared cancelling more than a Convention...i'm going to write a little something here on my journal, where i can say everything i want.
Oh democracy, the highest form of human organization and freedom.
Anyway, let's get down to business.

I've been to Jus in Bello Con this year, and something seemed off with Jared from the start...I realized it was the first time away from his son, so i sympathized with him. But even if i understood he would have rather been at home with his child and wife than attending Conventions, sensing that he didn't really want to be there and that we were kind of "bothering" him, wasn't the nicest feeling in the world.
Then, started a few rumors between Italian fans that Jared not politely shooed away 2 girls who approached him [I'm not talking about the video who it's been all over the net during the last 2 days, that one it's been taken after the Convention], and it really didn't sound like Jared...because last year i met him in the corridor of the Hotel, and while i didn't ask him for a photo or anything, he greeted me, smiled at me, and gave me a little pat on my shoulder.
When it was my time to take the picture with him this year, i was a little "rigid", and i barely touched him because i was afraid he might snap at me. He didn't, and while he wasn't the usual Jared, he was still polite.
The rest of the Convention was uneventful for me, even if not nearly as funny as the previous year.
As soon as i came back home, and had time to catch up, i was greeted by the report of an Italian fan who said Jared shooed her away too [still not one of the girls of the video], and by my 3 German friends who told me on Msn that Jared said at one of the Meet and Greet he wasn't going to attend Asylum Birmingham or Manchester or Germany, because he never signed up for any of it. It sounded really weird to me, because i knew he was listed as a guest, at least at the German Convention, from a very long while; and my friends were really excited about it. One of them also told me that the Rogue Events confirmed he wasn't going to attend the Conventions, a while later, and she showed me the official statement.
That looked even weirder to me, because just before he left for Rome, Jared said he was going to attend all the Conventions, and the one in Germany it's been going on for a few years now, so he must have been aware of it.
Then, this statement was released by Rogue Events:

"We’ve start this thread fresh because it was turning into personal attacks against each other and that isn’t what we want. [they made the cancel announcement post but since has been deleted] It is disappointing news, we are as sad as you all are."

We also have nothing to hide, as has been said, contracts had been made, fee’s had been paid and as far as we were aware up until this point we thought he was coming. We are sorry this has happened. Noone at any point was misrepresented as attendee’s will find out in a few weeks when they see Jared is still in the booklet.

Sorry guys

At this point, i still wanted to give Jared the benefit of the doubt, but it was starting to get really hard to believe him. I mean, did they forge his signature? It looked a bit surreal to me.
And as much as i know Jared is a rich person, i guess he still wonders where the money comes from when someone hands him a check, or if someone makes a deposit into his bank account.
I know Convention's money don't make the difference for him, but he must have noticed it.
But the thing that really made clear who was lying, was the news that Jared decided to pull out of Paris Con too. The same Convention he said he was going to attend just a few days before, at the same Meet and Greet he stated he didn't know he was meant to attend the Rogue Events.
And this is when i really got pissed.
I commented the announcement on a community i'm not going to mention because the mod "politely" called me "bitching people", and threatened to ban me because i dared to disagree with the common [or not so common? But i'm going to explain it later] conviction that Jared is a saint and did nothing wrong. And this is when all hell break loose [duh!].
I tried to explain, more than once, that i don't question or disagree or whatever with the reason why Jared decided to not attend the Conventions anymore, but the way he handled the situation, which was highly unprofessional and not respectful of the fans, in my opinion.
He's not a robot, he has personal necessities, issues, a newborn and a wife and if he wanted to spend more time with his family he could have said it months ago, when they found out Genevieve was pregnant, or a month ago, when the baby was born, so fans could have had the chance to choose if buy the tickets [and so on] or not, or at least give them the time to sell their passes to someone else.
And even if we assume he changed his mind last minute, because at JIB he just realized he couldn't stand the time apart from his family, he could have at least said the truth, and APOLOGIZED to the fans who SPENT their money to meet him, and have a chance to talk to him and/or to a take a picture with him.
Not everyone has the money to attend every Convention all over the world, and people like me [i was lucky he decided to attend at least JIB] or my friends, have maybe just one chance to see him in a year, or in their entire life!
Yes, going to the Conventions must be at least enjoyable for the actors too, but it's still a work for them, and should be handled professionally and with care.

To all the people who attacked me personally, i want to tell them i have a full life, a new job, a social life, and since i'm not 13 anymore...i have no idols. So, if someone i appreciate[d] does something i don't approve, i'm not afraid to say he messed up, and to me, this time, Jared messed it up big time.
Just like i'm not afraid to say there wouldn't be no Supernatural without Jensen and Jared, but there wouldn't be no Supernatural without the fans neither. So i think Jared should realize respect must always be mutual, and loyalty come and goes. Yesterday he lost mine, and not only [not that he would care, of course, 4 fans in less are not going to change his life ;)].

And let me tell you one more thing, a few months back Jared auditioned for a role in a movie with Bruce Willis, he would have got the role if shooting wouldn't have ended in July, when he mostly likely will be already filming Supernatural Season 8 [his words, not mine].
If shooting would have ended a little sooner, and Jared would have accepted the role, he wouldn't have been able to attend the Conventions. Was this going to make him a bad person? Of course not, if he would have warned the fan ahead of time, just like, to me, he there wouldn't have been a problem if he would have said the truth and/or warned ahead of time the fans that he wasn't attending the Conventions because he wanted to be with his wife and his son.
And would have make it a bad parent if he accepted the role? I don't think so...In an imperfect world where you have to work for a living, you're always going to miss something of your own child, it's not fair, it's not right...it's life!
Jared is a privileged young man who actually has the chance to take a break from work to spend time with his family, and it's great...Just showing a little respect, and warning the fans who were waiting for him, would have been nice...that's all.

Oh, and to the persons who ignored me or attacked me in the public post, and then sent me private messages telling me they agreed with my point of view...compliments for the courage and coherence. ;)

Personal note:
If anyone is going to read this, please don't repost it, and don't link it anywhere, i have an old style family who is unfortunately very technologic, and i don't want them to find out about this journal. I'm really not in the mood for one more fight about what they think of homosexuality, and what i think.