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Fortune Cookie


I decided to take a break from livejournal, but something happened, and i just need to let it out.
Today one of my old freind's grandfather tried to kill himself because of the financial crisis, his doctors already stated he's not going to make it...it's just a matter of hours.
I learned it from the Tv news, and it really shocked me. My friend and i haven't seen or talked in a few years now, but we used to be very close. He was the big brother i never had, always caring and protective of me, and even when i was the annoying younger kid, he always spent his time with me every time i knocked at his door (we lived in the same building for many years).
The last time we met at a prize-giving ceremony. Even if we haven't seen each other for awhile, when he saw me, he runned towards me, hugged me and squeezed the hell out of me; it was like not even a day had passed since the last time we saw each other. He asked me if i was behaving like a good girl, i answered him that i was too old for that kind of question; he just held me tighter in response. He also asked if he had to kick someone's ass for me, and when we parted he told me to not be a stranger again...unfortunately, i haven't seen him since.
Now i really don't know what to do...Should i call him? I mean, i know he's devastated right now! I'm pretty sad myself, and i can't really remember his grandad, even if he was my grandmother's friend.
But i knew very well my friend's parents, i know his father and grandfather were really close and worked together, so it must be twice harder for them; and i'm so very sad and sorry for it because they've always been the nicest and sweetest persons with me.
I would like to show my old friend and his family my support, but i don't know if it's welcome at the moment. And i wish there was something i could do to really help them.

*Sighs* This is such a sad day for me.